• Come and Stay ;-)
  • Fishing, Swimming, Diving, Rock Climbing
  • Bushwalking, Tours
  • Full kitchen facilities
  • Great Fun to be had
  • Right next to all town facilities

Denmark's weather is always perfect.

Perfectly warm, perfectly rainy, perfectly cloudy or whatever. Discomfort only arises in a person when he wants to be other than what it is. Sunshine can help elevate our spirits, but don't forget the pleasures of a walk in the rain.

The prevailing weather pattern in Denmark comes in from the West. Clouds move rapidly along this coast causing the weather to change very fast. It can be sunny in the morning and then be pouring down with rain a short while after. So it is really quite difficult to predict the weather and the forecast below should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Because of these rapidly moving clouds, we get a lot of rainbows along this coast. That is why it is sometimes referred to as 'The Rainbow Coast'. Overcast weather is common, so when the sun is shining do not hesitate in getting to the beach.

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