• Come and Stay ;-)
  • Fishing, Swimming, Diving, Rock Climbing
  • Bushwalking, Tours
  • Full kitchen facilities
  • Great Fun to be had
  • Right next to all town facilities

Walking or Cycling
There are plenty of walk or cycle trails around the town site. Some of the best are around the river. Its great to take a walk with the dog along the river to the river mouth, then cross on the old Railway Bridge. This is also where the Bibbulmun track comes in. I then cycle back on the other side of the river towards the highway. After crossing back over the river on the road bridge, we pass the bakery. This gives you a good orientation so you can go off and venture further during the day. It's a concrete path all the way.
After crossing the old Railway Bridge, there is a heritage trail that follows the edge of the Inlet for a number of kilometers. There are a number of wooden shelters along the way on the edge of the inlet with quiet tranquil beaches. The route follows the old railway track so it is nice and flat for cycling.
Canoe the River
Walk downhill past the pub to the river, and there are canoes and boats for hire. Two man canoes are usually $10 per hour, but for backpackers you can 2 hours, from 9 a.m. to 11 am for $10. Its best to paddle upstream, and the native bird life is stunning. Paper bark trees hang over the banks of the river and it is astonishingly beautiful. Ducks and Qualmarants skim the surface of the water, and in the canoe you can get very close to them. Too many people get busy doing the very tourist thing and miss this. The tree top walk gives you a good experience of vertigo, but if you want to commune with nature, go along the river.

Visit the Wineries
Denmark has a dozen or so wineries in the area, some are close to town where you can go wine tasting. Along Scotsdale Road there is Howard Park and Catherine Hill Wines which are both within easy walking distance. You may taste a few wines, buy one and enjoy it by the river with some fresh bread from the bakery and some other tasty bits from the supermarket which are on the way there. Howard Park has a restaurant so you could have lunch there if you wish. Within cycling distance are Matilda's Meadow and West Cape Howe. The former is further along Scotsdale Road, and the latter is about 4 km out on the main road to Albany. West Cape Howe does not have a restaurant, but has lovely chairs and tables on the verandah where you may enjoy the wine you have bought with whatever food you may take along. Wine is no cheaper at the wineries, but its nice to taste a few and have the pleasure of enjoying a bottle with a meal afterwards.
The Beaches
There are beaches along the Inlet on the heritage trail. If you want proper sea beaches then the closest is about 8km away at Ocean Beach. It is an excellent surfing beach with big waves and lots of walks, either along the beach or on the rocks. It is also where the inlet breaks into the ocean. It is not too far to cycle to Ocean Beach. To get there, go down Price (or Strickland Street) to the Highway. Turn left and head towards Walpole. After the last service station on the left is Ocean Beach road. It's a well-maintained asphalt road all the way to the surf club, which is on the beach.
The Tree Top Walk
In my opinion the best virtue of this thing is that people actually get out of their cars. It is within the Shire of Denmark, but closer in distance to Walpole, it was probably designed by someone who loved Disneyland. You can actually get to see leaves from the top instead of the bottom. People get all giggly with the height but its good for a bit of fun. In the Queensland rain forest walks it is fascinating to see what happens at the various levels, but that doesn't apply here. There are not the multiple levels of growth, you just get a good view and see the birds a bit closer. It wins lots of tourism awards and that's what it is, a tourist lure. At the bottom of the Tree Top walk is the Ancient Forrest walk, which is excellent. It is so lovely to be in amongst the lovely giant tingle trees. Spent some time here, hug a tree and feel the splendor of these wonderful monsters. Be quiet and feel their presence. If you want to get away from crowds, there are lots more trails in the Valley of the Giants where the trees are magnificent.
The Alpaca Farm
Apart from Alpacas, they have quite a collection of animals here. Bunnies, goats, sheep, emus, koalas and all sorts (and even a bison). Great for the kids and fun for adults too. You can get in with some of the animals and play with them. It has a shop with teas and so forth. I think that the Alpaca farming didn't work out so well so they have diversified and got into tourism.
Walk the Bibbulmun
The Bibbulmun trail starts in Perth and traverses some 900 km of WA forest to get here. It crosses the Inlet at the River Mouth just 1 km out of town. You may not want to walk the whole thing, but it is possible to hire the gear and do a few days. Its best to walk East towards Albany from here as the track between here and Peaceful Bay heading West has some of the toughest sections of the whole route. Ask me if you want any advice, I walked it all in 2000.
Go Surfing
Some of the beaches here including Ocean Beach are excellent for surfing. And they are not crowded like in so many other places. It is possible to hire boards and get tuition.
Go HelpX
Denmark is a center for HelpX (Help Exchange). It's an international organisation with about a dozen participating farms in the Denmark area. It costs about $40 to join. In return for about ½ day's work per day you can get free board and lodging. You can also get to learn a bit about organic gardening and meet some great people.
Go Fishing
There are lots of fish in the Inlet and Ocean. You will need all the tackle, bait etc. Alternatively there is a semi-commercial fisherman along Inlet Drive (about 3 km down) who goes fishing every day and sets his sign ('Fish for Sale') outside his house if he has any to sell. As he will fillet them on the spot, they are absolutely fresh and reasonably priced.
Where to go In Town
There are plenty of Coffee Shops, bakeries, supermarkets etc. Here is a bit of a rundown on some of them. Strickland Street is the main street, running parallel to the river. Blue Wren Backpackers is situated on Price Street.
Along Strickland Street
The Post Office, and National Australia Bank (with ATM) are just across the road past the tourist bureau. BankWest also have a branch further up Strickland Street.
Denmark Pizzas does good food and is the closest place to get something to eat.
Cafe Lime, next to the newsagency is the closest place for a good caffeine hit. It also has good lunches and other meals.
Denmark News Agency has lots of magazines etc and all the things that news agencies have.
The Denmark Environment Centre is a local organisation very committed to the environment. It is a good place to buy some gifts for friends. Their Hand Made soaps make a nice gift. The people behind the counter serving you do so on a volunteer basis so you will usually find them receptive to a bit of a chat.
Denmark Health Food Store is in the Arcade just beyond the Spot Café.
Denmark Bakery has excellent bread, pies and pastries. It won an award for its pies a few years ago.
Along the River
The Denmark Hotel has good value medium priced meals in its dining room. The drive in bottle shop is the closest place to buy alcohol (about 100m). The Bar has happy hour on weekdays between 5 and 6pm.
Pippa's on the corner with the highway does take away everything. Pizza, Fish, Chicken, Hamburgers and Souflaki. The room on the front it has a couple of tables facing the river where you can eat your food.

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